Reflexion document

Essential informations

*Please note that at the beginning of a marketing mandate, the client has to delegate a resource person for the agency within its company to answer questions, provide documents, logos, etc., and give approvals.


  • Describe shortly your company’s history, its highlights particularly.
  • Which values are present in your company?


What is your mission?


What are the objectives you want to achieve:

  • ... in a year
  • ... in three years
  • ... in five years

Why do you want to invest in marketing?

Success stories

Tell us what you are proud of; what has been lucrative, significant, etc.

What is your company’s value added?

We can do better

According to you, can your company do better in some aspects (products, services, equipment, employees, marketing)?

Have you tried to overcome these weaknesses? If yes, how?


Who are your competitors?

Do you know their strengths and weaknesses?

Do they use marketing tools that are different from yours?

Clients' opinion

According to you, what is your clients’ opinion about your company (reputation, services, products, image, etc.)

Do you have the resources to meet your commitment to your clients?

Do you have a customer service department or someone taking care of that part?

Employees' opinion

According to you, what is your employees’ opinion about your company (reputation, workplace, services, products, image, etc.)?

Do your employees show a sense of belonging to the company?

Do you consider that your employees have the right training and that they have enough knowledge to deliver a satisfying service?

Competitors' opinion

According to you, what is your suppliers’ opinion about your company (reputation, services, products, image, etc.)?

Is competition healthy in your field?

Suppliers' opinion

Do you have healthy business relations with your suppliers?

Marketing tools

What are your current marketing tools?

Which ones are the most efficient?

Which ones could be eliminated or revised?

Do you often have customers’ questions that could be answered with marketing tools (i.e. opening hours, price list, address, etc.)?

According to you, which marketing tool should your company have?

What could be made to improve your website?

What is the creative process for your logo?

Are you on social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.)?

If yes, do you have an internal resource to feed it?

Are you involved in a foundation or any other philanthropic action?


Have any advertising campaigns been done in the past?

What are the current advertising campaigns?

Which previous advertising campaigns have given positive results (notoriety, image, profit)?


Is your profession governed by an Order or another organization under which some rules are listed for marketing and communication tools?

Visual media

Provide any visual material related to the project or that suggest what you expect. Whether it is :

  • a logo
  • a photo
  • a text
  • a plan
  • an exemple
  • a research

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